Kickstarter GDGT 031917

Eight Excellent New Gadget Projects on Kickstarter This Week

Gadgets Kickstarter

Kickstarter GDGT 031917

Joto – the first connected display that draws with a pen.

A fun robotic whiteboard for long-distance doodles or anything else.


Siempo: The Phone for Humans

Strips out all those distracting apps, replaces them with focus helpers.


You Are Here: Your Personal Map Jewelry

Familiar street layouts are transformed into delicate filigree.
Timebound: The App That Makes Time Travel Possible

Relive historical events through real-time push notifications (WWII = six years).

121C Arc Aileron: Pure Carbon Electric Skateboard

Carbon-fiber aerospace scrap from California turns into electric skateboards in Singapore.


Lindlund: The Ultimate Ruler for Creative People

Includes the dimensions of phone screens for easy UI sketching.


Soshee – The Social Media Robot Dog

Wags tail or barks when someone likes your tweets. (Yes, really.)


Play Atari Pong in your Coffee Table

It’s not just Pong — it’s mechanical Pong.

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