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Rey-inspired mori girl outfit by Sophie Brown. Photos: fair use, see links below
Rey-inspired mori girl outfit by Sophie Brown. Photos: fair use, see links below

Depending on how well versed you are about fashion trends (don’t worry, I’m not either), you may have heard of Mori Girl–a Japanese fashion style that translates as “forest girl.” I discovered Mori Girl thanks to Jen Yates over at EPBOT and was instantly struck by how perfect a fit the style was for a casual Rey outfit. Mori Girl style focuses on natural colors–browns, beiges, and tans feature prominently–and natural materials such as linens and cloth, plus loose flowing layers, all of which are a perfect fit for our favorite desert dwelling scavenger.

Top, Cardigan & Belt: Loose flowing fabrics are key to Rey’s outfit. Layer together a casual top like this one from Amazon and a flowing cardigan, then gather them together with a belt, or two if you want to stay true to Rey’s original look.

Shoes & Socks: Rey’s original shoes were these gorgeous Piper V Dark Brown’s from Po-Zu. If nearly £100 is a little out of your price range (and that’s the sale price), then any soft ankle boot will work. Pair them with chunky wool socks or, failing that, a pair of chunky knitted or crocheted leg warmers. It is worth noting, however, that Po-Zu–the company behind the original Rey boots–are ranked number one for ethical shoes by The Good Shopping Guide and the boots are fully vegetarian.

Gloves: Another key element of Rey’s outfit is her arm wraps. While wrapping bandages up your arms might not be the most fashion-forward trend of the summer and will be very tricky to maintain (trust me, I cosplayed as Rey last year), a pair of long gloves will work wonders to keep you warm once winter returns and will perfectly capture Rey’s style. Go for a chunky knitted/crocheted style or plain cotton/linen rather than the silky, shiny materials of true opera gloves for authenticity.

Bag: Where would Rey be without BB-8? Still stuck on the dusty desert backwater of Jakku most likely. No Rey outfit can be complete without a trusty droid accessory, after all, it’s hard to justify walking around with a giant staff, not to mention surprisingly difficult on a busy city underground train–trust me, I tell you this from experience!

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