Daily Deals 031117

Daily Deals on Good Personal Audio: Refurb Audio-Technica Headphones; Fiio DAC/Amp

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 031117

I own these headphones, and I listen to them every day. They are super-comfortable for long listening sessions, and they deliver a really clean, clear, honest sound. They also fold up pretty well for portability. At this price ($115) for a refurbished set, you really cannot go wrong with these as an alternate to more expensive headphones whose price is based more on brand than sound (:cough:Beats:cough:).

And if you’re interested in exploring what good personal audio can be, maybe it’s time to add a digital audio converter (DAC) and amplifier to your setup. The DAC connects via USB, takes the digital music files you have stored on your computer, bypasses the cheap and generic converter built into the headphone out port, and does a much better job of turning those 1s and 0s into sweet analog sounds that come out of your headphones. Combine that with an amplifier that boosts and enhances the sound, and it’s like you’re hearing your favorite music for the first time. This little FiiO E10k combination DAC/Amp is a perfect starter for the person looking to up their audio game, and it’s on sale for just $76! Get them both, and you can graduate into the audiophile club (junior grade) for less than $200!



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