New ‘Transformers: Forged to Fight’ Toy Fair Trailer Shows Off Special Moves, Pre-Registration Now Open!

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Image Credit: Kabam

When we last visited Transformers: Forged to Fight, we had a pretty awesome teaser trailer with a little bit of gameplay. It was just enough to give an idea of how the mobile fighter, from Kabam—the studio that brought us Marvel: Contest of Champions—was going to handle the Transformers universe. At Toy Fair this past weekend, Hasbro revealed a new trailer with even more bots and tons of special moves.

It’s one thing to write about how challenging it was for the team to create Mirage’s “invisibility box” move, it’s another to see it in action! And that Arcee at the end with the sniper rifle has me flipping out! Gameplay looks to be deeply dynamic and frenetic in that good way that Champions is. GeekMom Karen Walsh had a chance to pick the brains of the Kabam team at Toy Fair on Saturday and got more information on new features like bases, away missions, and more:

With the game only a few months away from its US launch, Kabam has a pre-registration campaign on the Forged to Fight home page. If you sign up for the game’s newsletter before April 7 (which gives you a good idea of the intended launch date), you can get in-game rewards. Once enough people sign up, the next tier, with character rewards, will be unlocked. Head over to to sign up!

What, no Energon Cubes? (Image Credit: Kabam)
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