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Only Supergirl and Arrow aired new episodes this week, but what was lacked in quantity was made up in heavy themes about whether we are our genes or our choices and a “very special” episode about the gun control. We discussed the episodes on the GeekDad Facebook page. Highlights from those conversations make up our weekly recap of DC on The CW.

“Supergirl” episode 2.12, ‘Luthors’

Lisa H: Isn’t Lex in jail? How are they the only two Luthors left?

Joey: I kept having a hard time with that line, too. Lionel is dead. Lex is jailed. That leaves Lillian and Lena as the two Luthor women, but there are still three Luthors. In fact, one could argue that since Lex’s box only opened with Luthor DNA (which is why Lillian needed Lena to open it, having Lionel as her biological father), that Lena and Lex are the two remaining Luthors and that Lillian should go back to using her maiden name, which I’m sure is similarly alliterative.

Lisa H: But then we won’t have to witness Lillian’s maternal abuse.


Joey: I know it’s iconic, but the shirt unbuttoning seems unnatural and not a very effective method for getting into costume.

Lisa H: Yea…It never sat right with me on this show.

Joey: It looks bad.


Joey: Why not dispatch the psychic Martian in the room to find out whether Lena is telling the truth or not?

Lisa H: Because that would be logical.


Joey: Why is it so hard for Kara to trust you, Jimmy/James? Maybe the whole keeping your identity as Guardian a secret? Just a thought.

Lisa H: Wah! Get over it Jimmy.

“Arrow” episode 5.12 ‘Spectre of the Gun’

For whatever reason, this episode didn’t garner a lot of discussion on the GeekDad Facebook page, so I’ll offer my thoughts on the episode. First, the episode was surprisingly balanced in its representation of the gun control debate, with Curtis and Quentin on the “tighter control” side while Rene and Dinah took the “freedom to protect yourself” side. So, kudos to the writing team for that. And, while the episode settled for the optimistic result that if both sides would stop attacking one another personally because of their convictions and just sit down and hash out the policy differences, that a working policy can be made, the episode was a bit overly simplistic and lacking suggestions about what such a policy might look like.

As for the rest of this season, I am glad to see Oliver using the mayor’s office for something other than a cover identity, intel to fuel his late night vigilantism, or a way to get his friends out of hot water. What would be interesting is seeing Oliver use the office to try and flex his political muscles in order to try and save his city by going up against corrupt elected officials and union bosses. We know to what lengths he was compromised his principles as the Green Arrow in an effort to save his city. What compromises is he willing to make as mayor? Will he make a deal with political devils to try and achieve a greater good?

This week, we have what looks to be a full, fun week of episodes. Supergirl introduces Mxyzptlk to the series. The Flash brings the team to Earth-2 Gorilla City to free an abducted Harry Wells. Legends of Tomorrow head to Camelot. On Arrow, a break out at Iron Heights leads to ladies night.

Watch the episodes. Comment on them in their respective posts on the GeekDad Facebook page either as you watch them or in the days that follow. Every week, we’ll sit down and choose the highlights from those discussions for our DC on The CW recap. Post an original, funny, and/or thought-provoking comment in those Facebook discussion and your comment just might be included in next week’s DC on The CW. There are four episodes airing this week, so you have ample opportunity to join the conversation!

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