Daily Deals 020617

Save Big on a Digital Tire Pump, Get the ‘7 Wonders Cities’ Game Expansion – Daily Deals!

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Daily Deals 020617

Keeping your car’s tires inflated properly is very important, both for optimum mileage, as well as the safety of your family. It’s always good to check tire pressure before leaving on a long family trip, but this often means a trek down to the gas station, where they may charge for using their compressor, and you have to trust that the gauge on their hose is working right. Maybe it would be better to have a home solution? That’s why I’ve picked up a JACO Digital Tire Inflator Pump to keep handy. It’s basically a small compressor that will run off the 12V outlet in your car, and it has one awesome feature that makes it a must-have: you just set the desired tire pressure, and let it run. No start/stop trying to get to the right pressure, or switching back and forth between the pump and a gauge. It has a 10′ cord and a 2′ hose so you can reach all four tires easily (and it’ll work fine for bikes, sports equipment, or whatever needs up to 100psi of air). And you can pick one up today for just $34!

7 Wonders is an excellent tabletop strategy game, but sometimes you just want more. So why not get the Cities expansion set for 7 Wonders, on sale today for just $23?


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