Playmobil Playroom: Space Rocket With Launch Site

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Welcome to the Playmobil Playroom, where we take a monthly peek inside those impressive blue boxes and see what treasures await within. Sometimes we’ll have step-by-step photos walking you through assembly, maybe we’ll discuss and review a particular set or theme, or maybe we’ll have an unboxing video.

Today, we’re starting out 2017 on an optimistic note. We’re pretending that science and space exploration are a national priority, and we’re headed beyond Earth’s atmosphere. I mean, this is all done through imaginative play, of course. It looks like the space program is in for a few rough years (at least) in the immediate future.

But if you’re going to bring the wonder of space travel and exploration home, we heartily recommend this set (and the related sets in the theme), which is perfect for kids to stretch their imaginations and creative muscles. The Space Rocket with Launch Site is the centerpiece of the space themed sets, which fall under the City Action umbrella.

Also available are a space shuttle (which actually attaches to this rocket) and a satellite meteoroid laser. As with all Playmobil sets, though, all sets can be used together, regardless of theme. However, there are a few sets in the Super 4 line that would feel right at home here.

Today, though, we’re focusing on the Space Rocket with Launch Site, and there’s a lot to it.


  • Product Number: 6195
  • Number of Pieces: 115
  • Number of figures: 2 adults (man & woman), 1 super-cool robot

Ease of Build:

On a scale of 1-5, I’d put this one at about a 3. There are a lot of stickers and a lot of little pieces, but the directions are clear and everything snaps together fairly easily. The 7-year-old got it all together in about 30-40 minutes, and she only needed help a few times snapping the tiniest of pieces into place.

Coolest Features:

  • The rocket has three buttons that cause it to light up and make sounds. There’s a 10-second countdown, launch sounds, and random tech sounds for when it’s on the platform. The fire on the bottom of the first-stage thrusters also lights up.
  • The second-stage portion of the rocket easily detaches with a slight twist, and it separates with its own small thruster.
  • The second-stage is also the payload portion, and the nosecone comes off to reveal a satellite inside.
  • The maintenance platform on the launch structure moves up and down the tower. Two smaller platforms extend out and reach the other side of the rocket, so the technicians can prepare the rocket before liftoff.
  • The repair robot is just way cool.


If your kids are into space or rockets, the Space Rocket with Launch Site is a no-brainer. There’s plenty here to keep them occupied. There are just so many details and little pieces that enhance the play experience and make this one incredibly replayable. Add on the space shuttle, and the whole thing just gets even better.

Kid Verdict:

Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

playmobilrocket3playmobilrocket5 playmobilrocket6 playmobilrocket7playmobilrocket4

(Disclosure: This Playmobil set was provided free of charge for review purposes. All opinions remain our own.)

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