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Kickstarter Update: PlaySmart Dice Is a Critical Hit – Passes Funding Goal!

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PlaySmart Dice
The PlaySmart campaign sponsored this series of posts, but we’ve also backed the campaign ourselves!

Thanks to all our great backers for putting us over the top of our funding goal! We couldn’t have done it without you! If you haven’t heard about our innovative approach to building math skills with our unique dice and fun games, make sure you read about us and watch our videos at . And please, help us finish strong this week. The campaign ends this Friday afternoon, just after 2PM EST. So get your dice and game gift packs now!

PlaySmart Dice

We streamed live on Kickstarter this weekend for our promotional dice game event at Victory Comics. It was a great success. If you think today’s young kids can’t really engage in tabletop gaming while learning math, watch our video of kids ages 6-11 playing for the better part of an hour while performing dozens of math operations. The parents on-hand might have been the most surprised! We met most of these kids the day of the event, and they gave us the greatest endorsement of our games to date. A must watch if you haven’t seen it—it’s still posted under our introduction video at

We also posted two stretch goals, which include a free dice bag goal and a 5 playsheet fantasy adventure series we will offer as an add-on. The playsheets will be in the spirit of our “Defeat the Hydra” game, and will feature recurring characters which progress through an extended adventure. All the while, the players will perform dozens upon dozens of math operations in order to progress and win. Watch the kids we met for the first time on Saturday who played the Defeat the Hydra game and see the truly impressive amount of time they stayed engaged. It really shows how powerful these games can be.

PlaySmart Dice

So thanks again for learning about our campaign and helping make our project a success. Please help promote us with friends and on social media during our final stretch! We’ll have bigger and better things to offer the more successful we are!

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