Kickstarter Update: Help Put PlaySmart Dice Over the Top!

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[This post is by our sponsoring partner, PlaySmart Dice – a great way to play dice games and learn math facts fluency!]

Thanks to all our great backers for getting us just over the 90% funding mark with over a week to go! If you haven’t heard about our innovative approach to building math skills with our unique dice and fun games, make sure you read about us and watch our videos at

Watch for us on a live session on Saturday, January 7th at noon Eastern Standard Time, on Kickstarter Live! Thanks to Victory Comics of Falls Church Virginia (a must visit when you are in the D.C. metro area) for hosting our event! We will go live with the session on Kickstarter and are really excited about playing our base tabletop dice games with kids and running a mini-tournament with our Solar System Explorer and Defeat the Hydra playsheets. Our playsheet artist, Rusbin Lopez, will be there with some of the art he is working on for our playsheet packs. He will have some of his personally signed fantasy sheets for promotional prizes for young players who win our game contests. So come out if you are local and join us online if you are not. This is our first local promotion so we are very excited!

Watch for Kickstarter update number 9, which we’ll release in the next 24 hours. It will have information on a Q&A session I will hold on Kickstarter Live on Friday, January 6th, the night before the event at Victory Comics. The event could get pretty chaotic (in a good way!) so I wanted to give any backers who wanted more time for questions an opportunity to discuss the campaign in a bit of a calmer atmosphere. I will also hold a make-up session the following week (last week of campaign) if there is enough interest.

Continued thanks to all our supporters and for all the great suggestions. Last week, just as we were realizing the rules section to the Defeat the Hydra game would look so much better with ancient scroll backgrounds on the game rules sections, we got a slew of similar suggestions! You all are the best. Check out the new and improved playsheet on the campaign page if you haven’t seen it

Please help promote our campaign with friends and on social media during our final stretch. We will make it with your help!

We’ll have bigger and better things to offer when we make it to the stretch goal phase!

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