Kickstarter Alert: Botanium

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Image: Botanium

Recently launched on Kickstarter, Botanium is a hydroponic pot that waters itself three times each day.

Image: Botanium

Five streams water the plant evenly and thoroughly, allowing the plant to get plenty of water and air. The growing medium is clean and supportive, which is supposed to improve the growth speed of your herbs. You also only have to water it once a month or so, depending on the conditions in your home. Because I live in the desert, I imagine it will be a little bit more common, but it’s better than my current (often messy) routine of watering three times a week.

The best part of the Botanium is that it fits just about anywhere. The small design (5.3″ across) means that it can fit on a windowsill, your desk, or even as a centerpiece in a well-lit room. I’m planning on putting mine on my desk, where I can watch my happy little creature come to life. Hopefully, since I won’t have to interact with it much, I won’t kill it before it flowers the first time!

Check them out on Kickstarter now. Their goal is an entirely reasonable $56,162, and the campaign is gathering backers quickly.

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