DC on The CW: Mid-Season Returns and a New Way to Interact

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Image by The CW.

All four of the DC Comic shows on The CW return from the winter hiatus this week, starting tonight with Kevin Smith’s directing debut on Supergirl. Tuesday night brings both the return of The Flash and the move of Legends of Tomorrow to its new post-Flash timeslot. Arrow caps off the returns on Wednesday.

A lot of information regarding the shared universe that these shows work in has come out since the last new episodes aired way back in the first week of December. All four have been renewed by the network for next season. Kevin Smith will be brought back in to direct a second episode of Supergirl later this season. Music Meister has been confirmed as the villain for the two-night Supergirl/The Flash mini crossover event that will take place later this season. It has been reported that the event will be structured similarly to the recent Invasion! crossover, with very little of the story impacting the Supergirl episode, and the bulk of the crossover taking place on The Flash.

Speaking of The Flash, it has been reported that the Black Flash that Zoom was turned into by the time dementors during last season’s finale will be returning to multiple shows this season. Does that mean he’ll be chasing Barry Allen across The Flash and Arrow, or that he is after a different time-traveling and reality-altering speedster who has meddled with both time and reality on The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow this season?

Arrow is set to reveal that the woman who trained Ollie during his time in Russia (and apparently taught Prometheus his sweet jumping skills) was Talia al Ghul, daughter of Ra’s al Ghul and half-sister of Nyssa al Ghul. Whether her past relationship with Oliver and Prometheus and Oliver’s relationship with Talia’s family will play out exclusively in flashbacks or will spill into the current storyline is yet to be seen.

With so much to look forward to this season, we wanted to find a new way to interact with you and get your take on the various episodes. To that end, we’re announcing a new feature to our regular recap discussions. On the day that a new episode of one of the the above programs airs, we will put up a post about the episode on the GeekDad Facebook page (if you’re not already following us, go ahead and do so now) approximately two hours before the episode airs on the east coast. That means the post regarding tonight’s new Supergirl should be up around 6:00 P.M. Eastern time tonight (3:00 P.M. Pacific), with the other shows getting their own Facebook page posts tomorrow and Wednesday.

Jump into the discussion on Facebook and let us know what you are looking forward to ahead of each episode, your reaction as you watch the episodes live/streaming/on DVR, and post your thoughts and theories in the days following. The team of contributors here at GeekDad will be looking to pull in the best, funniest, most thought provoking, and most unique comments from the Facebook page discussions into our regular weekly recaps that run every Monday of the season right here on GeekDad.com.

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