Daily Deals 012717

Save Big on a 10′ Lightning Cable, Get a Tube for Your Kids to Play With – Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 012717

Need to charge your iPhone, but the outlet is just a bit farther away than would be perfectly helpful? Pick up this 10′ lightning cable and solve your problem. It’s on sale today for just $15!

The cardboard tube is #4 of the list of the best toys of all time. Such tubes are usually free, and thus handy and not dear to anyone, yet still fun and useful for as long as they last. Well, this Daily Deal takes the cardboard tube and kicks it up a level. The Tot TubeĀ is a plastic tube, in three sections that can be assembled for play and then disassembled for storage. The middle segment is clear, adding a level of visual fun. It’s also larger in diameter than more cardboard tubes, allowing a wider rage of cars, trains, balls, and other items to pass through. It’s a great bit of simple, analog fun, and will make for hours of imaginative fun. It’s also on sale today for just $15.


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