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Daily Deals 012617

Love cooking on your BBQ but hate it when food gets stuck to the grate or falls through to the elements below? Here’s an amazing, and simple, idea: grilling mats. These are non-stick mats that you can cut to fit the share of your personal grill. Food won’t stick or fall through, but will still get those perfect grill marks that prove you were cooking outdoors. And they’re on sale today: 2 mats for $15!

Amazon announced the addition of over 50 new Dash Buttons this week, bringing on more useful products for your day-to-day life. If you don’t already know, Dash Buttons are single-purpose internet-connected buttons that will reorder a given product via Amazon each time you press one. So, put one in the cabinet where you store the pet food, and push it when you can see you only have a couple days worth of kibble left. Or keep one stuck to the washer so you can reorder laundry detergent when you see you’re running low. It’s the perfect alternate solution to trying to keep a running list for the weekly shopping. And they are, in net terms, free: you buy each one for $5, and then get a $5 credit when you make your first purchase. Check out all the buttons!


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