Get Charging With Today’s Daily Deals: Travel Chargers, Charging Stations, and Cables Galore!

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Daily Deals 011217

Today’s Daily Deals are great for folks who need to be able to charge things – phones, laptops, tablets, whatever. Check out the deals!

The iClever BoostCube gives you two 2.4Amp UBS charging outlets for power on-the-go, and it’s on sale today as low as $8!

The iSelector Charging Station lets you set up a base charging local on your desk, in the kitchen, wherever you need it, with four standard outlets and four USB charging outlets. It’s on sale today for $24!

You can never have too many micro USB cables lying around to charge things up. Get this 5-pack of 6′ cables for just $10 today!

BONUS DEAL: for the Apple users out there, get a retractable Lighting cable for just $10 today!


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