Daily Deals 011017

Save Big on Starting a Fire, Hanging a Hammock, and Lighting the Night – Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 011017

Spring is just around the (rather cold, rather wet) corner, and we have some deals today to get you ready for some backyard BBQ or camping adventures!

Spraying lighter fluid all over your coals or campfire is never the safest thing in the world to do (WHOOSH!). These Light-a-Fire blocks are safe and natural – basically wood shavings and wax, but each one can start a perfect fire or BBQ every time. Safe, portable, and sealable canister includes 30 blocks, on sale today for just $14!

Have you got a couple of trees (or deck columns) just crying out for a hammock, but you want it to be easy to take down when the weather changes? Here’s your solution. This portable, lightweight nylon camping hammock can be hung, taken down, and stowed as easily as taking a nap! And it’s on sale today for just $18!

Remember the old days of butane camping lantern that you’d have to fill with flammable liquid and pump before lighting? With the advent of LEDs, those days are gone. This awesome camping lantern puts out over 600 lumens of light, and will last for SIX DAYS STRAIGHT with a fresh set of D batteries inside (get rechargeables and a solar charger and you’re all set). Perfect for camping in the wild, or just your wildly overgrown backyard. And it’s on sale today for only $17!


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