GeniCan creates a shopping list by scanning items on their way into the trash.

CES Report – Make Trash Smarter With GeniCan

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The best smart home devices only need to improve human experience. Launching at CES 2017 is the GeniCan, an innovation that addresses a common problem in many households: maintaining an updated shopping list. The wi-fi-enabled smart device attaches to a garbage can (or recycling bin) to automate the process of creating and updating a grocery list by scanning an item’s bar code at the time the finished product is being discarded. Items without individual bar codes (like a roll of paper towels), can be added to GeniCan’s shopping list by simply speaking to the device after triggering the sensor.

GeniCan is calibrated to only add items that have been intentionally scanned or added via voice recognition to avoid accidentally adding products; if an item is simply tossed into the garbage can, it will not be added to the list. GeniCan has partnered with Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service, so many items can be automatically ordered as they are thrown away or recycled.

We’re thrilled to offer a solution to a pain point most families and households are confronted with. In addition to saving users time, GeniCan has the added benefit of saving them money, since shopping with a list and sticking to it is proven to help save money at the store while reducing the number of trips. Our partnership with Amazon also provides an alternative option for time-crunched families, allowing them to have essentials delivered and skip the trip to the store altogether.
— Dave Pestka, GeniCan Co-Founder

The shopping list created by the device is shared to the GeniCan application (available for both Android and iOS) and can be synchronized across multiple smart devices so the whole family can see it. The list can also be manually updated within the app, which includes a bar code scanner and the same voice recognition technology as the device itself.

GeniCan creates a shopping list by scanning items on their way into the trash.
GeniCan creates a shopping list by scanning items on their way into the trash.
Image Credit: GeniCan

GeniCan is available for preorder now at and is being demonstrated at CES 2017 (Eureka Park Marketplace in Tech West in the Sands Convention Center, Hall G, booth 51848).

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