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Add This to Your Holiday Shopping List: Remember the Batteries!

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How many times on a present-opening holiday have you found yourself scrambling to find batteries to power that new toy or gadget that’s got you or a loved on so excited to try out? According to one survey, at least 44% of us are digging AAs and AAAs out of TV remotes, Cs or Ds out of emergency flashlights, and 9Vs out of who-knows-what to handle the need. Our sponsoring partners at Energizer just want to suggest that you add batteries to your last minute shopping list, so everything can go smoothly on the delightful day.

And when was the last time you returned to an old flashlight or other gadget that’s laid dormant for a year or two, and discovered a chemical mess?

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This is the real deal. When I went to pull out some devices with batteries in them to use for pictures for this post, this is what I found in a portable lantern we keep in the closet for emergencies. There’s no good reason for why these did this.

Here’s something important to know: Energizer MAX® AA and AAA batteries are designed to protect devices and toys from damaging leaks for up to two years after the battery is fully used. That’s awesome! And Energizer MAX® AA and AAA batteries hold power for up to 10 years while in storage, so you can power up your gifts whenever you need power most. So the pack of batteries you buy today will stay good in the utility drawer for as long as you might need them.

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We know that the battery technology in our phones and other mobile devices has advanced in leaps and bounds over the last decade, but the batteries we take for granted get better and better as well. The latest generations of Energizer MAX® batteries last up to 30% longer than previous models. Knowing all this, I won’t be forgetting to pick up some extra Energizer MAX® batteries to keep handy for the holiday, and you should, too.

[Energizer sponsored this post, but it’s a good idea. And yes, those pictures are real.]

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