Netflix Download & Go

New on Netflix: Download & Go!


Netflix Download & Go

The most exciting new Netflix release this month may not be a show at all but a feature: Download & Go.

Announced this Wednesday, Netflix has added the ability to download select shows for offline viewing on their smartphone and tablet apps. Both iOS and Android versions of the apps will have this ability in the latest update, allowing you to download shows for on-the-go viewing. It’s perfect for airplane trips, long car rides, and anywhere else you don’t have a good wi-fi connection.

Netflix available for download
A mix of shows is currently available for download.

Not every show is available for download at this time (there’s an “available for download” section in the menu), but many of Netflix’s own series, like Stranger Things and Voltron: Legendary Defender are available, with more on the way. I’m excited—this seems like a nice alternative to buying or renting a movie for a plane trip, and there is plenty to choose from, both for myself and my kids.

Look for the little download icon next to individual episodes. There isn’t a single-tap way to download an entire season at this point, but you can download the episodes individually as long as you have space on your device. Near the top of the menu, there’s a section called “My Downloads,” where you can scroll through them and play or delete them from your device. I haven’t seen any information about whether episodes will expire after a certain amount of time, or if you’ll be able to keep them on the device indefinitely (though I’d doubt that).

Download the Netflix app and have a look!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and receive Netflix access for coverage purposes.

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