Monster Power and Charging Station - Large

“Monster Home” Tames the Power Cable Beast

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In the next month or so, many households will see the addition of a piece of mobile technology (or possibly a few). Where do you want all those devices to live when they’re not traveling with you? Many homes (including mine) have a “devices at the door rule,” meaning that when you arrive home, your smartphones and tablets get plugged into the ever-growing rat’s nest of cables and left in a heap with all the others. The new “Monster Home” collection of charging stations aim to clear that clutter with an elegant and beautifully designed solution.

Four different “Monster Home” models feature rapid USB charging with unrivaled protection against power spikes and surges and a design that blends into home or office design. All the models have a built-in stand on one side to keep devices off the countertop or tabletop and an power-cord channel for built-in cord management (left or right direction) underneath for ease of use and hiding unsightly wires.

Monster Power and Charging Station - Large
Monster Power and Charging Station – Large
Image Credit: Monster

The Monster Home Small (SRP: $49.95) is super-compact with four USB ports. Full outlets are added to the larger units. The Monster Home Medium (SRP: $69.95) adds two outlets, the Monster Home Large (SRP: $79.95) adds four, and the unique Wall Tap Charger (SRP: $59.95) plugs directly into a wall outlet and has 3 USB ports and 4 outlets.

The entire “Monster Home” family of charging stations is available on Monster’s website–direct link.

The Architechnologist was sent a Monster Home Large charging station to try and immediately put it to use, getting rid of the wicker basket that has been the chaotic storage bin for all handheld devices as they come in the door. Not only have we regained a substantial area on the table but also we can keep track of when the device of a tween daughter has not been set aside to charge.

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