Cooperative Deck-Building in ‘Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle’

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle
Each house has a die, and various cards let you roll the die. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

The one other significant component not shown is the dice, which are what make the Game 4 box bigger. Starting in Game 4, you will have access to the four dice, each representing one of the Hogwarts Houses. There are four different symbols on the dice: Influence, Attack, Card, and Health. Each die has all four symbols, plus two extra of one symbol:

  • Gryffindor (red): Influence
  • Slytherin (green): Attack
  • Ravenclaw (blue): Card
  • Hufflepuff (yellow): Health

Certain card effects will allow you to roll a die—when you do, every player gains the bonus that you roll. (The Card symbol means you draw a card from your own deck.) For instance, the Game 4 box does include some of the Hogwarts professors, and each one gives you some effect and allows you to roll the appropriate House die.

The dice themselves are translucent plastic, with the symbols screenprinted on them. The printing looks just like the icons on the cards (and tokens), so it’s pretty easy to understand, but because they aren’t engraved dice it’s hard to know whether the image will scratch off with extended use.

Two of the game boxes also include a small sheet of cardboard to punch out tokens—Game 3 has two shield tokens used for the Petrificus Totalis spell, and the Game 7 box has four House tokens to keep track of which dice have been rolled.

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