GeekDad Academy: Academy Roundup

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Well, as the name says, it’s time for a roundup… an Academy Roundup. Remember to pack those saddle bags; with three deals on the loose, this may take a while.

Our first course is Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins, and AWS CodeDeploy. Try saying that ten times quickly. Gain the DevOps skills to be a valuable part of any startup. Thirty-three lectures cover things like continuous integration, delivery, and deployment using these programs.

Second is Projects in Hadoop and Big Data: Learn by Building Apps. Showing you how to build Hadoop solutions for data analysis, this course will walk you through creating real life data solutions using programs like Java, Python, and Apache Flume.

And last is Algorithms and Software Engineering for Professionals. During its 103 lectures, you’ll examine data structure and algorithms by using practical examples. This course will cover subjects including cryptography, compiler theory, signal processing, data analysis, and graph databases. And, hopefully, you’ll add a great set of tools to your professional skill set.

Those classes don’t catch themselves, so check out the details for each by clicking the links above.

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