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GeekDad Exclusive Book Announcement: ‘Tiger Vs Nightmare’

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It’s no secret that we here at GeekDad are superfans of First Second Books. We’ve covered many of their books, highlighted and talked to many of the authors and artists they’ve published, and we’ve helped them celebrate their 10th anniversary with our picks of the best books from each year they’ve been around.

Well, before 2016 is fully in our rear-view mirror, we wanted to light one more candle for their 10th-anniversary cake. And this one is for a brand-new book coming next year that looks like it’s going to be all kinds of adorable.

First Second isn’t afraid to take chances with what (and who) they publish. They’ve done graphic novels for both kids and adults, they’ve done picture books, and they’ve done a few more… experimental books that are harder to define.

Tiger Vs. Nightmare will be the debut book from Emily Tetri, and it’s a delightful comic for younger kids about a tiger and a monster who are friends and have to work together to fight off nightmares.

Tiger’s best friend has always protected her from nightmares–even though her best friend is a monster! But when the scariest nightmare they’ve ever seen comes to visit, Tiger and her best friend will have to work together to protect themselves.

Emily Tetri grew up in St. Louis and moved to Los Angeles to attend USC. She currently lives in LA with her dog and works as a painter for an animation studio. And she’s obviously excited about the book (as well she should be): “I’m excited about this book because I was a kid with an overactive imagination, and nightmares were definitely very scary to me. I think this is a story aimed directly at me back then. I also love animals, sci-fi, and comics, so this is my chance to combine all three.”

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