Save Big on STEM Toys, Merrell Shoes, and Mel Brooks – Check Out the Holi-Daily Deals!

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Daily Deals 121416This holiday season, give them the gift of toys that let them build, create, and learn! From robots, to electronics, to geology, and more, check out this selection of excellent STEM toys and save!

When people find a shoe brand that fits just right, they get very attached. For me, and many others, Merrell is one of those brands that’s easy to get attached to. And today you can save up to 45% on a selection of Merrell shoes and boots for men and women.

I don’t have to pitch this very hard. Blazing Saddles / Young Frankenstein / Silent Movie / Robin Hood: Men in Tights / To Be or Not to Be / History of the World, Part 1 / The Twelve Chairs / High Anxiety. All on Blu-Ray and all together in one box set for $19!


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