Who Ya Gonna Call? Playmobil!

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Ghostbusters fans, listen up. Remember how excited you were when LEGO came out with the Ecto-1? And then along came the massive (and massively expensive) Firehouse HQ? And then… well, not much of anything else?

Good news! Playmobil has secured the Ghostbusters license, and a brand new wave of toys will be coming to stores next spring. We’ve covered Playmobil quite a bit here, and we’re big fans of their toys. No specific details about sets have been released yet, but they did tease us with this cute Halloween video a couple weeks ago.

Playmobil also confirmed that the toys will be based on the original films and cast–not the recent remake.

Based on my experiences with Playmobil, I can almost guarantee a few things.

#1: The toys will be fantastic quality, sturdy, and fairly detailed.

#2: We’ll almost certainly get at least 5 different sets.

#3: They will be far more affordable than the LEGO sets, so you won’t be so hesitant to let your kids play with them.

The Ghostbusters will finally be coming to the playroom floor. Who ya gonna call?

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