‘Pete’s Dragon’ Now Available on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital… and VHS?

Pete's Dragon 2016 VHS Promo

Disney certainly knows what makes a nostalgia junkie like me tick. In order to promote the release of the re-imagined family classic Pete’s Dragon, the company sent out a few digital downloads for members of the press that were packaged to resemble a videocassette box. Disney does a good job of tugging at your heart strings, but sadly they will not actually be releasing Pete’s Dragon on VHS, instead opting for the now-standard Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download available November 29, 2016.

Although it seems longer that a decade since we were treated to a VHS release, Disney’s last movie released on the obsolete format was actually the direct-to-video Bambi II back in 2006. Even though the mock product is fake, it was heart-warming to see the classic clamshell design sporting the modern movie’s artwork featuring the titular Pete and his dragon. The new design reminds you just how different the new movie is compared to the original 1977 film, in a good way.

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The original Pete's Dragon 1980 VHS release next to the 2016 promotional mock-up by Disney.
The original Pete’s Dragon 1980 VHS release next to the 2016 promotional mock-up by Disney. (Yes, I already had the retro copy on hand as part of my collection.)

If you’ve been too busy fawning over Disney’s newest masterpiece, Moana, to remember the summer reboot of Pete’s Dragon, let me give you a refresher. When a young boy named Pete is suddenly orphaned in the wilderness, he quickly finds out he’s not alone. With his only companion and best friend (a dragon he names Elliott) by his side, Pete is forced to adjust to an entirely different world when he is finally discovered by an outsider. But is Pete’s dragon ready to be seen? Starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Redford, and Oakes Fegley, Pete’s Dragon is a sweet family movie and an example of a deserving reboot done right. Pick up your non-VHS copy today!

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