Paracable Micro USB Cords Review: Cable Geeks Rejoice

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Paracables available in Lightning and Micro USB Photo:

Last month, GeekDad Brad Moon did a great review of the Lightning version of the Paracable Cords. Among his findings he concluded that the Paracables were a great fit with his family who sometimes argue over device plug-ins and go through cables quickly. He even went as far as to say that users of Paracable need never buy another Lightning cable again.

Paracable, review, GeekMom, USB, Cords,
My Paracable going through some abuse Photo: Melody Mooney

Having been sent the Micro USB version, I was anxious to put them to the test as well. As you can see from the above photo, we tend to unintentionally abuse cords and cables as well in our household. I would love to blame our five-year-old, but the truth is that we all are guilty. Gladly, I can say that I am in full agreement with my fellow GeekDad reviewer Brad, and these are the cables we have looked for.

Pricing for the USB version is a bit more than an average Micro port, starting at $15.95 for the 2.5-foot version. I would recommend doing the $17.95, 5-foot option. This has been a life saver on car trips and when our girl wants to stretch out over the couch. It also makes for a good length when I am using my on-the-go charger that is anchored in my purse.

Here are the things I really liked

  • Devices charge faster, with up to 2.0+ amps of available charging capacity
  • They have a great extra long length
  • They don’t tangle and coil and are strong
  • Sheathed in aluminum and a 32-strand paracord
  • There was no damage or breakage to the port
  • Micro USB can charge thousands of different devices
  • They come in cool colors


  • Sleek and durable aluminum end housing
  • Wrapped in their beautiful patented “32 bit” paracord fabric
  • Premium 1 year warranty
  • The original “Baxter” proof cable
  • 3 feet long
  • Qualcomm Quick Charge compatible
  • Charges faster than inferior cables, capable of 2.0+ amps of charging power
Paracable, review, GeekMom, USB, Cords,
Flux Capacitor, Back to the Future. Photo:

This cable was inspired by the flux capacitor from the movie Back to the Future. There is no technical difference between this cable and all the others. How cool is that? We really love the colors.

They are available online on their home page: Paracable or on Amazon.

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