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So many comics, so little time.
So many comics, so little time.

When digital comics first became a thing, the dream was a Netflix-like solution for comics. Such a thing exists in a few forms, and today we’re looking at ComicBlitz.

The reason for this focus is the recent addition of publisher IDW. IDW is a personal favorite of mine, as they are the publishers of the exceptional Transformers line, which they are now bringing into a joint continuity with GI JoeMASKAction Man, Micronauts, and Rom.

However, if you’re interested in that storyline, hold off. Like many digital solutions, ComicBlitz does not have day-and-date publishing. Their most recent collection of IDW’s Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye series is the 5th volume, and that’s out of ten. In fact, there’s a serious lack of Transformers content. That series, the Sector 7 mini, and the recent (awesome) Transformers/GI Joe series are the only two I can find.

That’s sad, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that there’s so much good stuff.

Just from IDW you have My Little Pony: FiM, the really enjoyable Ghostbusters series, Star Trek, and personal favorite Love & Capes. That’s before you consider other publishers, like Valiant (basically their entire library is on here), Action Lab (makers of GeekDad favorite, Princeless), and Dynamite (including their brilliant re-imagining of the King’s Features characters, like Flash Gordon). To say there is something for everyone is putting it lightly. As time goes on, more will be added. I’m hoping for the entire IDW Transformers run.

"Till all are one!'
“Till all are one!’

ComicBlitz can be accessed via web browser or iOS app (Sorry, Android users, they’re still working on that).  I tested both web and iOS apps. The catalog is easy to search and reading in a web browser is simple, but the real joy is using it on a tablet. The interface is simple and elegant.

It's that easy.
It’s that easy.

One feature I love is offline viewing. I selected all five MTMTE trades, and started reading…to find a bug. For some reason, offline reads were capping at 100 pages. The impressive thing is that within hours of notifying ComicBlitz about this, there was an update that fixed this. That level of responsiveness is crazy good.

There’s a $3.99 a month plan that gives you ten monthly comic book reads, but the real draw is the $7.99 plan. That’s meant for people like me, who consume comics on a slightly worrisome level. But right now, three lucky GeekDad readers can get one year of ComicBlitz for free. Just fill out the form below.

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We’ll select three random winners next week Monday, 11/21. CB will contact you directly. Then you can join me in re-reading Fred Van Lente’s Archer and Armstrong run. So good.

Note: ComicBlitz provided me with a one-year membership. Now I am hooked. First taste is always free.

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