Strange Things Fill the Lastest Marvel Collector Corps Box

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dr-strange-collector-corps-box-october-2016It’s late October, which means it’s time for a new Marvel Collector Corps box. What fun has Funko for us this time?

"By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!"
“By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!”

If the pin had been anything but the Eye of Agamotto, I would have been very disappointed.  The iron on patch manages to have a certain Cumberbatchness about it, which is totally a word now.

I'm meditating on eBaying this one.
I’m meditating on eBaying this one.

Both the comic and the shirt feature a Funko’ized Doctor Strange. This is expected for the comic, but isn’t typical of what I’d been seeing from the shirts. I admit to being a bit glum. I was hoping for some really cool classic Strange art.

The POP! for the month is an astral projecting Doctor Strange, and, apparently, it was supposed to be blue, ala the comics, but was changed to gold to match the movies. Does that count as a spoiler? Either way, it really stands out in my Funko display. Also, I’d guess we’ll see a blue one at some point this year.

Love how they pulled off the floating.
Love how they pulled off the floating.

Like last month’s DC box, Funko and MCC really went for broke with the last item. I was not expecting a mug.

A mug of his mug? The dad jokes write themselves.
A mug of his mug? The dad jokes write themselves.

What strange brews do you plan on drinking from that mug? Or have I horrified you with the thought of actually using it?

More exciting than anything in the box, though, is the news that December’s box will be X-Men themed. I am looking forward to any POP! that is not Wolverine.

Note: Funko and MCC sent me this box for review purposes.

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