Daily Deals 101516

Save on a Stick-Up Chalkboard or Whiteboard, Get a Programmable Mouse for Work and Play

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 101516

Here’s a cool idea for homes with kids, classrooms, or even offices: They’re peel-and-stick sheets with either chalkboard surfaces or whiteboard surfaces. They can be easily places on smooth walls, doors, or windows, and later moved without trouble. And they’re on sale today for as low as $7!

Technically this is sold as a gaming mouse because of it’s high resolution (how subtly it can sense motion), but what’s also really cool is that it has six total buttons, which are programmable. This means if you have things you do on the computer that end up being really repetitive, you could program them into button-presses to reduce time and strain. And this excellent mouse is on sale today for just $13!


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