Review: OSO Sleep Isn’t a Smart Bed, But It Sure Is Clever

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This is not my place. My place is nicer. Source: OSO.

I admit to being way behind the curve on the whole “bed in a box” thing. I last bought a new mattress in 1999. It’s been an interesting phenomenon. One thing I’ve noticed is that the boom in bed companies has resulted in a boom in mattress reviews. Like I mentioned in my headphone article, stuff like that is PR driven. How do you trust a site when you know they are getting a mattress worth hundreds  of dollars for free? For that reason, I was a little ambivalent about accepting one, but the Oso won me over based on the description. It was like listening to a chef describe a new dish.

I’m not going to get overly technical here, but, basically, OSO’s parent company, Reverie, designed the foam springs on the OSO so that if you lay down in one direction, it’s a firm mattress, and if you lay down in other, it’s soft. This is based on the same tech that “powers” their adjustable beds, but the OSO is less interactive and simpler to use. There are two settings, and you adjust them by reorienting either the mattress or yourself. You can read more about the underlying sleep technology on their site.

Soft side stays soft, firm side stays firm. Source: OSO.

I slept on the OSO for four weeks, and I have to say it was some of the best sleep I have had. Two weeks on firm and two weeks on soft helped me discover that I prefer soft a bit more. You never stop learning about yourself.

This model and I could never be a couple. She has her bed the wrong way. Also? Pretty sure I’m way too old for her. Source: OSO.

One curious thing about the whole firm/soft thing was manifested when I sat on my bed. See, I like to sit on the edge of my bed. So when I was sleeping with firm upper body support, I kind of sunk into the bed when sitting. When oriented for soft, I had a great place to sit.

With a price point of $925 for the queen set I reviewed, the OSO does cost a tiny bit more than some other boxed beds. However, with other boxed beds you’re either getting a firm mattress or a soft one, and you’re stuck with that. Which means if you pass it on to another family member (as I did with the OSO  now in my daughter’s room), then you’d better hope they have the same taste in beds as you. The OSO’s minutely higher price tag is a ton cheaper than the other option for picky sleepers: adjustable beds.

The OSO: Adjust your bed without a small bank loan. Source: OSO.

The OSO is perfect as a first bed, for someone who isn’t sure what they want, and especially for a guest room.

Note: OSO provided me with a mattress for this review. The writing of it has made me sleepy. In a good way.

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