Various Scroll and Codex options.

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Scroll and Codex

Update 10/18: I’ve had a chance to try out Codex and it’s pretty spectacular. Don’t miss the update at the end of this article.

Elderwood Academy is wrapping up another phenomenally successful Kickstarter, this time for Scroll and Codex, “A bespoke, leather-bound scroll case that transforms into a dice tower with a scroll that unrolls into a rolling tray.”

Elderwood academy is known for their heirloom quality gaming accessories such as the Hexchest and their Spellbook Gaming Boxes. The Scroll and Codex Kickstarter is at over $120,000 of a $5000 goal, and you have until October 20th, Thursday evening pacific time to get in on the opportunity.

Various Scroll and Codex options.
Various Scroll and Codex options. Image from Kickstarter video.

Scroll rolls up like its namesake but unfurls into a dice rolling tray, while Codex contains Scroll, but also transforms into a dice tower. Both are made with natural wood, real leather, and metal, and are customizable in terms of the type of wood and art.

At every tier, you can choose from an array of options to customize your Scroll. Start by exploring which pledge level has your ideal combination of wood. Then make it your own by choosing your leather and the art on it. Finally, add a new Elderwood feature, the flourish, which decorates the sides of your Scroll and comes in Ocean, Lotus, Flame, or Mountain. – Scroll and Codex Kickstarter

Check out the Kickstarter for customization options, I calculated over 12,000 combinations based off the options, and I may have missed some, so your Scroll and Codex will most likely be unique!

Scroll being removed from codex
Here is Scroll, rolled up and being removed from Codex. Image from Kickstarter video.
Unfurled Scroll
Scroll unfurled into a dice rolling tray. Image from Kickstarter.
Codex in dice rolling mode.
Some Codex options. Image from Kickstarter.
Scroll and Codex
Scroll and Codex together. Image from Kickstarter.

Various pledge levels allow you to pick components and wood type. You can get an Elderwood branded dice for $10, just Scroll, starting at $45, just Codex starting at $90, or both Scroll and Codex starting at $125. These are heirloom quality gaming accessories that will be conversation starters at the gaming table, or displayed with your other treasures.

Want it for the holidays? While the actual Scroll and Codex will not be available until March of 2017, Elderwood Academy is offering an “Elderwood Gift Package, which includes a custom order form so we can craft their Scroll & Codex exactly to their specifications.” Check out the Kickstarter for more information.

Remember, if you’re looking for an awesome gift that will make your gamer squeal with glee, don’t forget about Elderwood’s custom Spellbook Game Boxes and Hex Chest Dice Boxes. These can take up to four weeks to craft, so if your interested in them for this holiday season, get on it!

Here’s their video, but jump on over to the Scroll and Codex Kickstarter for all the details.


Update (10/18): Elderwood sent a prototype Codex for my review (They ran out of the corners to complete a Scroll to send, so one was not included.) Codex is more impressive in person than it is on the site. This one is maple and cherry wrapped in onyx leather. The leather is adorned with a green foil spell circle. The detail is superb. It fits nicely in my hand as well as on my shelf next to Karzoug’s famous spell book. The removable, and moving parts are solid; affixed with magnets that snap satisfyingly into place. Rotating the bottom and removing the top, Codex is ready to roll dice that are adequately randomized as they shoot out the bottom. Check out my Codex in all its glory in my album on Flickr. Remember that this Codex is a prototype so a few things may change by final production.

This intricately detailed case just screams to tell its story. Scroll and Codex is defiantly an heirloom gaming accessory that would make a great gift for any tabletop gamer.

Codex and some dice
This Codex is maple and cherry wrapped in onyx leather. The leather is adorned with a green foil spell circle. What stories might the Codex have to tell? Photo by Ryan Hiller.
Codex by Spellbook
Did Kurzoug once use this Codex? Photo by Ryan Hiller

Disclosure: Elderwood provided Codex for review.

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