‘Hatchimals’ Destructible Egg Hatches Itself to Reveal Robot Fledglings

Hatchimals are a new tech toy from Spin Master. They come in different colors of eggs and must be cared for and played with to get the to hatch.

Once the hatching starts children can experience the emotional connection of birth and get to slowly meet the new robotic pet hidden inside. Once hatched there are a range of interactive games to play with the toy as it evolves from baby to toddler to child.

They come in the following variations:

  • Hatchimals Pengualas Egg – Pink
  • Hatchimals Draggles Egg – Purple
  • Hatchimals Pengualas Egg – Teal
  • Hatchimals Owlicorn Egg
  • Hatchimals Draggles Egg – Green
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