The Arckit Go Colours kit features modern colors and pieces designed for younger potential Architects.

Arckit Evolves More Designs – GIVEAWAY

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What Is It?

Architects and designers depend on working models (or at least used to), both to assist in design and also for in-progress presentations to clients. Unfortunately, physical “cut and glue” models are so expensive and time-consuming that they are impractical to use on live projects, despite their effectiveness. Arckit is a model-making system based on modern, modular panel-based building systems–allowing designers (and aspiring ones) to physically explore designs at a common real-world scale of 1-to-48.

Arckit models can be completed with adhesive finishes such as wood flooring, terracotta tiles, and stone walls–all downloadable for printing from the Arckitexture library.

The earlier versions of Arckit have been reviewed on GeekDad before (ARCKIT Home Architect, 18 January 2016 by Will James), but these new versions feature more color, shapes, and building and more design flexibility…

Another intriguing advancement is the development of Arckit Digital that allows users to create Arckit designs using SketchUp (the popular 3D modeling software)–digital versions of Arckit components are available in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse. This means that you can easily calculate component quantities necessary to build a physical model of your design and showcase your 3D computer models. Since Arckit is continuously developing new kits, any new pieces will be added to the 3D Warehouse library and could be used to create new designs, even before purchasing the new sets.

What’s New?

There are several new sets from of Arckit, allowing for different layouts and all able to exchange parts with each other. All of the new kits have free online access to the digital features, including components from the SketchUp 3D Warehouse, Arckit interactive digital builds, and Arckit Arckitexture.

The Arckit Mini Dormer kit features design elements that are new to the system.
The Arckit Mini Dormer kit features design elements that are new to the system.
Image Credit: Arckit

Arckit Go Plus offers new design elements and preprinted adhesive sheets with realistic building finishes. The Arckit Mini Curve, Mini Angle, and Mini Dormer sets each contain more than enough pieces to complete models with the added feature of the design elements they are named for.

The Arckit Go Colours set features larger floor plates and easy “click and connect” components, making it a great starter set for younger potential Architects (suggested for 10+… although our testing found it definitely needed a bit of parental assistance through age 12).

The Arckit Mini Dormer kit.
The Arckit Mini Dormer kit.
Image Credit: Arckit

Where Can I Get One?

Arckit sets can be found right now at, Barnes & Noble, Marbles: The Brain Store, Mindware,, and other retailers across the nation.

Just for fans of The Architechnologist, we have one Arckit set to give to a lucky reader. Enter using the form below for a chance to win an Arckit Mini Dormer set. Winner will be selected at random from entries received before 12:01am EST on November 7, 2016.

 The Giveaway has ended and our winner has been contacted. Congratulations to Ushan Arnone — we know that the Arckit Mini Dormer will be a huge hit! 

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