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You Too Can Wear a Super Suit in Public

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Before we get started, be honest, has this ever happened to you?

Well, no more. Now there’s a super suit that you can hang right in your closet, like normal people.

Granted, when one thinks of superheroes and their respective super suits, it is most likely of the cape and spandex variety—the kind of fashion that lends itself so wonderfully to themed underwear and footed pajamas. That said, one would not be remiss to imagine a man’s business suit either, the type of garment tailored just so across the broad shoulders of your assorted Bruce Waynes and Tony Starks, or bundled up and abandoned in one of your better phone booths. Some secret identities are more dapper than others.

Enter, a site whose name says it all, and their new line of suits based on popular Marvel and DC heroes. Suddenly a superhero suit isn’t just some guy in his underwear (own it, we don’t judge) but a very stylish spin on comic book couture that you can wear to the office, out for cocktails, or while battling the injustice of your choice.

The suits, which are available in adult and child sizes, range from the subtle Secret Identity line, which, frankly, is my personal favorite, to the full-blown Authentic. Somewhere in the middle, you can wear the Alter Ego.

The Secret Identity pays homage to comics with a loud but tasteful (for the most part) lining in the jacket, with matching ties and pocket squares available.

The Alter Ego really puts it out there, with suits that mimic popular hero costumes in color and logo. Some, like the Iron Man, might require a double take to register, but the Superman isn’t fooling anyone—there aren’t any birds or planes in your wardrobe.

However, if you are beyond the paean stage of fandom and want to go all out, the Authentic suit is what you’ll want. The Joker and the Riddler are the only two currently listed on the website, but I’m crossing my fingers for a Question suit (I’ve got the face for it).

While the latter style may be timed perfectly to Halloween on the horizon, the other two suit types, especially the Secret Identity, are a perfect way to bring a bit of (implied) action to the water cooler and any other event where society tends to frown on pajamas.

Don’t worry, you can still rock whatever super underwear you want.

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