Daily Deals 091316

Save Big on the Tools You Need to Make Great Coffee Anywhere – Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 091316

Are you a fan of good coffee? Do you have some favorite beans, maybe from a local coffee roaster, that you hate to miss whenever you’re at work or on the road for a vacation? What if you could take it with you and make a great cup wherever you went? Today’s daily deal items will help you achieve that state of mobile coffee perfection.

The first step for making good coffee (after having good beans) is to grind them well, and those in the know always use a ceramic burr grinder. This manual grinder with an adjustable ceramic burr is super-portable and easy to clean, and it’s on sale today for just $13!

The AeroPress is considered by many the coffee snob to be the perfect manual coffee creation device. You put your grounds into the tube with a little filter, and use the magic of physics to press a delicious compressed shot of caffeinated goodness. It’s perfect for portability and easy to clean up. And you can pick one up for just $30!


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