Target Knows There’s a Rebel in All of Us

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Target-SW-GirlTrooperHot on the heels of yesterday’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story toy announcement, Target has released their own Star Wars ad to help promote them.

But the Target ad barely features any product shots and is instead something so much more. The ad begins with a little girl and woman talking about their first Star Wars experience. We then see a teacher talking about how he uses Star Wars to teach Shakespeare followed by a mother talking about using Star Wars to teach her son about not giving up and to fight for hope and good, and, finally, a couple and their Star Wars-themed wedding.

Target-SW-MotherThe point of the ad? That Star Wars is a part of all of us. That we are all Rebels (even those of us who might prefer the dark side). And that Star Wars is for everyone. It crosses all boundaries–gender, race, profession, religion–and joins people together like nothing else because it. It’s only a minute long but that’s all it takes to hit you in the feels and remind you of how great it is to be a part of this universe.

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