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Today at GeekDad Academy we’re featuring GMAT Problem Solving. This course of 66 lectures covers what you need to understand to take the GMAT math section. Learn how to avoid missing the easy questions, develop a methodical approach in the Problem Solving portion, and know the mathematical shortcuts to get through quickly and accurately. Check out the details by clicking the link above.

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1 thought on “GeekDad Academy: GMAT Problem Solving

  1. The RSS entry for this post speaks volumes about how bad the new RSS feed is, without speaking volumes about the article itself. It merely says “GeekDad Academy presents GMAT Problem Solving. Click through to read all of GeekDad Academy: GMAT Problem Solving.” It tells me nothing. Even if I knew what the acronym was, it still doesn’t tell me what the article covers.

    The other RSS one liners are all as bad.

    I fully support any website wanting RSS readers to click through, and generate hit stats and advert views. But you are not going to lose revenue by giving us the entire first paragraph. With such a paltry offering you’re losing more clicks. I’ve read less Geekdad articles these past two weeks, than ever before.

    Please, please, show at least 10 sentences of real content in the RSS feed, and I promise you the clicks will go up.

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