Save Big on a Vacuum-Sealed Coffee Canister or the 11th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver – Daily Deals!

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Daily Deals 092116

I love gadgets that use science to make life better, and in this case, make our mornings a little more delightful. You can use the Alpha coffee storage container to keep your beans or grounds fresh for weeks by pumping out all that nasty air (who need it anyway, really?). Of course you can use it for other things too – like tea, spices, baking ingredients, anything you want to keep fresh. And it’s on sale today for just $15!

Fezzes are cool, and sonic screwdrivers can unlock anything, given enough time. These are things we know because of Doctor Who. And today you can have your very own version of the Eleventh Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, at a very special price: $11!


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