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DadGear-MainWhile there’s nothing inherently wrong with a dad carrying around a pink, flowery diaper bag, there’s also no reason why there can’t be styles and models of bags that are more dad-centric. That’s where DadGear comes in.

My wife and I can never agree on the proper way to pack the diaper bag. We both like organizing things differently for the way our brains work and so whenever one of us packs the bag, the other can never find anything. Fortunately for her, our current diaper bag has all the proper pockets and pouches and zippers for the way she wants it organized. Part of my problem is that I can’t organize our existing bag in a way that actually works for me even when I try. When DadGear approached us to do a review, I immediately jumped on the chance to try out a bag that would work for my brain.

DadGear-StorageThe first thing I noticed when I hit their site is the plethora of color and style options. I opted for the orange and grey racing stripe. Orange and grey, especially together, are my favorite colors. When the bag arrived, in addition to just being a very stylish backpack that I could wear and use for anything (I’m looking at you upcoming cons), I was shocked at all of the storage. There is a special, external flap that is held shut with Velcro that allows for quick access to wipes. The first zippered section has multiple mesh pockets and a clip for your keys. It also holds a changing pad that folds up pretty small. The next zippered pocket is humongous and allows for packing plenty of clothes, blankets, and toys. There is also a smaller “wet bag” zippered pocket on the top of the bag. Lastly, there are two side zippered pockets, perfect for bottles, that also have clips in them along with two external mesh pockets on each side. The straps and back of the backpack itself are also very padded and mesh for breathability.

DadGear-InUseAnd how did it work out in the real world? It fit everything I needed (and I had plenty of room for more)–wipes, plenty of diapers, a change of clothes for the baby and the toddler, extra burp cloths and a blanket, two bottles, and plenty of toys. It was also very comfortable to wear around. I’ve worn it hours on end without any discomfort. And when it came to actually changing the baby, the easy access to the changing pad and the wipes worked exactly as I’d hoped. The diaper clutch in our other bag involves a lot of fiddling and getting stuff in and out which doesn’t work well when you have a squirming, crying, poopy baby.

I can’t recommend these awesome diaper bags enough. This is going to be my go to bag not only for being on the go with my kids, but for any quick trips I need to do as well. Head over to and, through the end of 2016, you can use coupon code geekdad15 for 15% off anything.

Note: I received a backpack for review but all thoughts and opinions above are my own.

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