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Coco Color is a digital stylus that works for iOS and Android devices, with 768 stroke, color, style, and size combinations.

This gadget promises you a wide range of drawing and painting tools for your tablet, and it allows your kids to doodle with a pencil-like device, instead of just using their fingers. The amazing thing is that it really does all that it promises.
With an interesting set of buttons, it lets you adapt your strokes by choosing a pencil, pen, pastel, or paint effect. It has a variety of colors, and two available apps to match.
Hugh Bell invented this gadget inspired in his three kids, and he had them in mind for developing it. For instance, I didn’t know there¬†are $100-worth styli out there, developed for professional artists, industrial designers, and adults in general, or that they market themselves on pressure sensitivity. Kids really won’t worry about pressure sensitivity. They will press quite heavily when coloring, drawing, and doodling–even when writing. What the Coco Color gives them is the colors, the tools, and more control to create what they want.
I don’t agree with its claim that by using it you will simply wipe out all your art supplies in one single stroke, but it certainly adds more complexity and dexterity to your kid’s digital experience. With a freely available SDK, Coco Color is open to developers and artists to create applications as well.

Hong Kong urban artist Boa Ho created the art for the Coco Color Voyages app, which is pretty amazing: a set of worlds to color and explore. There is also the Doodle app, with a more open, draw-as-you-go sort of feeling.

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Disclaimer: I was sent a sample product to review this item, but all my opinions are my own.

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