Daily Deals 081016

Save on a Programmable Pressure Cooker, Vintage Filament Light Bulbs – Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 081016

Every time one of these pressure-cookers comes up on sale, I push it. Why? Because pressure-cookers are AWESOME! Get the same results as a slow-cooker in less than 1/5th the time. You can make amazing brisket, stew, chili, ribs, rice dishes, breads, and more, all quickly and easily (and safely). Pick up this Instant Pot pressure cooker today for $30 off!

The LED lighting revolution is happening, and it’s happening fast. It’s great for saving energy, but in some cases, you just want the classic look and warmth of incandescent. One of today’s great daily deals is on these beautiful “Edison-style” vintage filament bulbs that will warm up any room with their retro look. They’re on sale today for just $17 for a four-pack.

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