Daily Deals 082616

Save Big on Fall Cleaning Supplies, Exterminate Work With the Dalek Desktop Patrol Figure – Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 082616

The kids are back in school, so it’s time to get the house back under control, and today’s Daily Deals are here to help. Save a bunch on these cleaning supplies (and more): Save up to 25% off select cleaning products and trash bags from Chlorox and Hefty; Save up to 55% off dishwasher cleaning essentials from Finish; Save over 20% of household cleaning essentials from Mrs. Meyers; Save (and subscribe) on Tide laundry cleaning bundles.

If there was one thing you can say to the work piling up on your desk, what would it be? How about “EXTERMINATE!?” Get this excellent Doctor Who Red Dalek Desktop Patrol Figure that will roll around your desk (without falling off), and yell at all the piles, for just $21 today!


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