Hasbro Transformers SDCC Exclusives Available Online!

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HasbroSDCC-FeaturedA couple of weeks ago, Hasbro unveiled a handful of Transformers exclusives for San Diego Comic Con. Now, they are available online at HasbroToyshop.com.

In my SDCC Recap, I talked a bit about the exclusives and what all Hasbro has in store for the fans. I wasn’t able to get my hands on any of the exclusives at the convention just like many fans. But now, everyone has a chance to grab one of the four exclusives!

Transformers Generations: Titans Return Fortress Maximus Convention Edition. Photos by Hasbro.

GeekDad Anthony Karcz did a great review of the retail version of this Fort Max, so you can read all about him in detail. The Convention Edition varies slightly in that it features collectible packaging and comes with a special edition poster, three accessories and a huge sword. Fortress Maximus is available for $179.99.

Transformers Soundwave Tablet. Photos by Hasbro.

Soundwave has always been one of my favorite Decepticons, and I think the same goes for most fans. I love the way they managed to fit an entire Transformer into a tablet form factor without a lot of junk hanging off of him once transformed. I can only hope some accessories are in the works because my Soundwave needs a Ravage! I’m hoping I can also get away with hiding Soundwave in plain sight from my son. Soundwave is available for $39.99.

Transformers Generations Titans Return Titan Force Set. Photos by Hasbro.

The Titan Force set comes with five toys– a Voyager Class Sentinel Prime (who is a triple changer–robot, space jet and train modes), a Deluxe Class Brainstorm, and Windblade, as well as 2 Titan Master figures–Teslor and Infinitus. I remember coveting my friend’s Brainstorm when I was little–I never owned any Headmasters, but my favorite of the set is Windblade. I love that Hasbro is continually introducing more female characters to the line.

The Titan Force set is available for $74.99.

G.I. Joe and the Transformers Set. Photos by Hasbro.

The last exclusive is probably my least favorite of the whole bunch, but only because it doesn’t include transforming toys. It does, however, have a Powerglide painted Rattler and a Soundwave painted HISS! The Rattler was one of my favorite G.I. Joe toys when I was a kid (I had the original Cobra one AND the Tiger Force version), and this updated rendition is beautiful. This kit also includes Scarlett and Zartan. I could never find a Scarlett figure when I was a kid, so I’m glad to finally have one now. And Zartan–well, Zartan is just a badass right? He was my favorite G.I. Joe figure to the point that I permanently broke his color changing abilities by playing with it so much. While this new Zartan won’t change color in the sun, he does have three faces he can change. Zartan is No One.

The G.I.Joe and the Transformers set is available for $99.99.

I know some fans complain that toy companies are making their convention exclusives available post-convention nowadays, but I for one am glad they are doing so. It really pulls the rug out from under a lot of scalpers. And I can guarantee you that I saw as many scalpers as fans buying the exclusives in bulk to try to turn a profit off of fans who can’t attend conventions. I think Hasbro making them widely available at a reasonable price is awesome! Are you planning on grabbing any of the exclusives? Which is your favorite?


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