Nerd Block Classic – Buyers Beware No More… Kind Of

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Nerd Block Logo \ Used with permission
Nerd Block Logo \ Used with permission

A year or so ago, I reviewed the Nerd Block Classic and Junior boxes. To say I was unimpressed would be an understatement and it remains today to be the most hated-on post I’ve ever written. Recently, Nerd Block went through some major changes in their operation and asked if I would give them a second chance. Why not? Anything is an improvement over my last box.

From the moment I opened the box, there was already an improvement in the quality of merchandise I received. Then again opening any box with a miniature Star Lord and Harry Potter bookmark staring at you in the face is a good sign.

Nerd Block Classic Image Dakster Sullivan
Nerd Block Classic \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

And wouldn’t you know it? Actual exclusives that I was a little giddy to check out.

My husband was intrigued by the Ghostbusters exclusive Tobin’s Spirit Guide which he informed me was mentioned in the first two Ghostbusters films. My copy was slightly damaged in shipping, but it happens, so moving on.

I continued my exploration of the goods and fell in love with my Shirt Punch Legend of Zelda exclusive t-shirt (and it fits!)

I wasn’t all that sure what the rest of the stuff was. Turns out it was a map from the Goonies (which will go great with my steampunk costume) and an exclusive Game of Thrones coin. I’m not a fan of either of the fandoms so someone may be getting the coin for their birthday.

Another box I decided to give a second shot to was Nerd Block Jr.

Nerd Block Jr. comes in two flavors: boys and girls. As a parent of a child who likes things that are both traditionally “boyish” and traditionally “girlish,” this part rather annoyed me.

Both boxes consisted of a Guardians of the Galaxy Dorbz, Zootopia stickers, and one of three different card games. The difference in the boxes came in in the main feature of the box and the book. The boys received a Skylander figure and Lego Ninjago young readers style book. The girls received a Charmazing set, Finding Dory keychain, and a Lego Friends book. There are no exclusives or WOW factor in either box. My 10-year-old son looked at both boxes, went, “Eh”, and went back to his room. So it comes down to the fact that while it’s an improvement from the last box, it left him wanting.

The Nerd Block Classic promises you will receive four to six collectibles per block, one exclusive T-shirt, and the contents value is at least $60. I can verify I received the number of exclusives promised, but since the Goonies map and Game of Thrones coins are hard to price, I can’t verify the total cost. If you asked me if I thought the box was worth $19.99 + shipping, though, I’d say definitely.

In my last review of Nerd Block Jr. I told readers to run at full sprint in the opposite direction. For this one, it’s more of a light jog. Do you get the cost of the box back in the goodies? Yes. But is there anything in the box you can’t find easily at your local toy store? No. For now, I’d skip on this one, but keep an eye out to watch for improvements such as t-shirt options or exclusives.

Overall, both subscription options have improved since my last review and I’m happy to see they are on the right track.

Nerd Block Classic is $19.99 + shipping a month and Nerd Block Jr is $13.99 + shipping per month. If you want to get in on the box of the month, make sure you subscribe before they run out.

Disclaimer: GeekMom received a review copy.

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