Count on Fin the Sheep Light for Better Bedtimes

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My youngest daughter has always been a lights-on sleeper. I’m not talking about one of those LED nightlights you plug into a wall socket that gently bathes a six-inch area in white-blue light. I’m talking about closet light on, door open, bright enough to read the fine print.

About nine months ago, our circumstances necessitated our girls sharing a bedroom. Little sister would fall asleep on the bottom bunk while big sister kept her reading light on for an extra half hour or so. As long as the younger one was asleep, the older could turn off her lamp and there wouldn’t be any lighting issues. No need to burn electricity all night long, as we had previously done.

The opportunity for me to review the Fin the Sheep reading light by Zazu corresponded with another lifestyle shift that saw the girls separated back into their own bedrooms. Is that serendipitous or what? For the past couple of weeks, we’ve had the chance to put Fin the Sheep through a real-world test and I can say that this is a great product for families with kids who need a light to help them fall asleep but don’t want to pay the power company for those silent nights.


Fin the Sheep is a two-level light with a one-hour automatic shut off. Upon opening the package, I thought that Fin might be a touch juvenile for my youngest, who turned seven years old in June, but she immediately loved her Fin. Her Fin┬ásits on a shelf beside her bed, providing a gentle, comforting presence. Tilting Fin’s chin toward the ceiling reveals a series of LED lights. At the higher of the two settings, Fin provides ample light for a little bedtime reading without the need for an additional light source. The lower setting is the perfect amount of light to serve as a night light, much closer to where my daughter sleeps than the nearest available wall outlet. An hour after being turned on, Fin shuts itself off. It’s that simple.

Fin can be left connected to charge via USB cable, or unplugged and taken into your child’s bed or to another location (to grandma’s house, for example). Being an LED light source, the bulbs remain cool to the touch, even after an hour of continuous usage, making it completely appropriate for your child to take into his or her bed.

My first impression was that the one-hour timer should be variable, but I’m convinced after using the Fin light every night that adding another layer of complication is unnecessary. Should an hour of light not be long enough for your child to nod off, your child can push the button on the back of the unit and gain another hour of light. Adding a dial or digital timer to Fin would be an added cost that wouldn’t provide enough of a benefit to offset the higher price and added complication.

My only complaint is that my daughter didn’t have a Fin the Sheep years ago! Fin the Sheep is available in blue, pink, or gray on Amazon for $29.99.

Disclaimer: Zazu provided a review unit, but all opinions–and nights without fighting about going to bed–are my own.

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  1. I have a Fin nightlight but it has ran out of charge and i do not have the charger (suspect i have put it in the bin with the packaging without noticing) could you advise the type if charger it takes, i am really struggling to find any details online, it just states USB

    Many thanks

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