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I was given a CHARGEUP Digital Portable Power Bank to review from Cygnett. The charger came just in time because this summer our family came down with Pokémon GO fever. Everyone here was in desperate need of an awesome charger.

Style-wise, it comes in red trim as well as in black with blue trim. I have seen these chargers with animal patterns and plaid designs in stores. I am sure skins are available if you need even more individuality. The charger features an LED digital power display. Like most chargers, it uses a USB power bank and also includes rapid charge, with 2.1Amp dual USB outputs allowing you to charge two devices at once. This feature was important. Someone needed to run Waze while chasing down the rare Pokémon Mewtwo .

As far as powerful chargers go, it is pretty compact and is easy to pack and carry, and it comes fully pre-charged for your convenience. How many times have you gotten a device and had to wait an hour to use it because it wasn’t charged? With dual USB ports, you can draw power for two separate devices and thanks to its smart charging chip, when you’re not splitting the charge between two ports, it will deliver all the power to a single port, providing a rapid charge to the connected device.

The description says it is just a bit bigger than a credit card, though it is heavier. Certainly not as small as my cigar-sized charger but far more powerful. 10,000 mAh–very powerful indeed.

So what does mAh mean anyway?

I Googled it:

  • mAh is an acronym for milliampere-hours
  • mAh is a measurement to measure battery capacity
  • mAh is frequently used to measure the battery capacity of smartphones, external batteries, and tablets
  • The more mAh, the longer the battery life

The power bank uses the latest in lithium polymer battery technology. Cygnett has a range of portable chargers offering enough power for 5-6 full phone charges before the power bank needs to be reconnected to a power supply.

And it’s not just for phones; the CHARGEUP is able to power up tablets as well as computers, give life back to gaming systems and cameras and even smartwatches. Great news as I am constantly on the go writing and sometimes there is no place to plug-in my MacBook. On my most introverted days, I can get my coffee to go and sit in my car, plug in, and work or catch up on GeekMom chats.

The USB power bank can be recharged via a computer, car charger, or wall charger. It turns off automatically when not in use, preserving precious battery power until the next use. As a work-from-home mom, having help turning off things when I am pulled away to solve a kinder-crisis is much appreciated.

A Micro-USB cable is included and can connect straight into an Android phone, and the charger will also work with your existing iPhone cable or Apple-certified MFi Lightning Cable.


  • Small but powerful
  • Digital display
  • Auto turn-off feature
  • Can charge multiple devices
  • Comes full charged
  • Works with Apple and Android cables


  • Would like a case of sleeve to contain both USB cable and power bank.

With so many charging devices available, it is important to choose the right one for your needs. I found this power bank fills my size and power requirements.

Thank you to the folks at Cygnet for the opportunity to review this power bank.

It is available for $99.99 online.

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  1. Hi. I have purchased one of these and have found it to be brilliant. My question to you though is when you are recharging the battery itself. How long does your battery take to charge? My one seems to take forever. I have had it plugged in and it does not seem to be increasing in power. The readout is continually blinking at 56…. Is yours similar? Does your battery take a long time to charge?

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