‘Ticket to Ride’ Takes to the High Seas in New Stand-Alone Game

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Ticket to Ride is one of those games that is unique in that it’s a great gateway game, wonderful for converting new gamers to the hobby, but is also loved by those deep into gaming. I was having a conversation with a game designer at a convention recently and we both admitted we played far too much Ticket to Ride on our iPads. “I’m glad there’s not a game counter in the app to quantify my lost time,” I said. My comment was met with a knowing nod.

While the game has had numerous variations–maps of Europe, Africa, and more–the game has always been about one thing: moving trains from point A to point B. Sure, there’s been an occasional ferry to help get the job done, but it’s mostly been about trains. Until now.


Launching in August at Gen Con, Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails is a big departure from past Ticket to Ride games. In addition to 25 train tokens, each player gets 50 ships, but can only keep 60 total tokens. (Tokens can be exchanged later.) Additionally, players get three harbors, which allow for travel by sea. There are other changes too, like double ship cards, allowing placement of two ships at once on a route. Wild cards are only found in the train deck. (See complete rules here.)

Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails seems to add an additional layer of strategy and challenge. Additionally, the board it ships with is double-sided; a world map on one side and a map of the Great Lakes on the other. For Ticket to Ride fans, it’s a journey to look forward to!


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