Kickstarter Gadgets 060316

Seven Sensational New Gadget Projects on Kickstarter This Week

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Kickstarter Gadgets 060316

Wynd – The smartest air purifier for your personal space

With an air-quality tracker that pops out so you can carry it with you.

Vi. The First True Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer

A voice in your head to tell you it’s time to pick up the pace.


Rethinking the wall clock. From the creator of The Present, an instant classic.

ROKduino: Buildable Robotics & Coding for Children!

Build fish-feeding robots and robot alarm clocks on top of Arduino.

Dato DUO – the synth for two

From a pair of dads who want to turn their kids into synth maniacs.

Soundlazer VR – Surround yourself in a virtual sound cloud

For his eighth project, Richard builds a sound-beamer.

LYFE – Set your plants free

Can plants get dizzy?

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