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No Rear-View Camera? Add One in Minutes With Pearl RearVision

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Pearl RearVision
Image provided by Pearl

One of the nice things about my new Pioneer system is that it can hook up with an aftermarket backup camera. One of the not-so-nice things about that is, unless you’re handy (which we learned last time I am most decidedly not), installing said camera and routing the wiring through your vehicle is a supremely daunting task.

Pearl is looking to change that with their RearVision camera. It’s a solar-powered dual HD camera system that uses a license plate frame as its mounting bracket. It installs in just a few minutes using a standard screwdriver. Once installed, it connects to your car using a dongle that plugs into your vehicle’s on-board diagnostic port (which means if you have an Automatic, you’ll have to either make a hard choice or invest in an ODB splitter).

Then, it’s a matter of putting your phone in a handy spot (the RearVision ships with a convenient magnetic mount) and putting your car in reverse. The display on your paired phone will shift to a rear view that is fully pannable, with the dongle providing alerts and feedback if something is detected. The cameras are night-vision enabled as well.

Pearl RearVision
Image provided by Pearl

For a “clip on” system that doesn’t include a rearview mirror, the $499 price tag seems a bit steep; but only at first. Other high end rear-view cameras cost almost as much; but require professional installation (or professional-level installation skill). Plus, they’re not transferable from vehicle to vehicle.

The fact that you can install this yourself in less time than it takes to fill your tank at the gas station makes the RearVision extremely attractive. I like the app aspect of RearVision as well, since updates will be easy to implement, improving the effectiveness of the system as time goes on.

I’ll be getting a sample unit later this year and will report on if the production version lives up to its press. I hope it does; because this looks like another fantastic way to get modern car features in older vehicles. If you’re interested in being one of the first to get a RearVision, you can preorder today at the Pearl website.

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  1. I’m looking forward to reading your review of the final product. I see that they say they are going to ship in September

  2. I have one and I’m returning it, if you are in your driveway and still have say a home wifi connection it will not work, you have to manually change the wifi setting to pearl…….. time consuming even though it takes a minute or two you could already be reversed up the driveway and gone

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