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Loftek Floodlight

As I’ve blogged quite a few times in the past, I’m something of a nut when it comes to outside lighting, especially for the holidays. So I’m always happy when I get offered reviews of new lighting appliances.

This time around, it’s the Loftek 50W RGB floodlight. If you understand how LEDs work, you’ll know that a 50W lamp is pretty powerful (that’s not 50W equivalent, the unit actually draws 50W). And the Loftek shines bold and bright, in each of the 12 colors available (it’s not a perfect RGB device; there’s no interface for picking custom colors).

Loftek Wide
That’s the Loftek as uplighting under our tree–in purple, which is a dark color.

The floodlight is very rugged. The case is solid, and well-sealed. It is rated IP66, meaning it’s totally dust-proof, and waterproof against strong water jets. So, it’ll survive as landscape lighting under most conditions (it’s good in heat and cold as well). It comes with a multi-function remove for choosing the colors, various strobe effect, and timers for on/off.

Loftek Remote

Make no mistake: this is not a “smart” device. There is no wireless connectivity, and no app to control it. The remote is IR, so you need to be in a reasonably-close line of sight to make changes. But it is definitely a more flexible flood that most common lights you’ll buy at Lowe’s or Home Depot. It comes with a good metal bracket for mounting in to your eaves, or other structures. And it’s bright and durable, which is pretty much what you want. I can’t wait to add this into my holiday lights later this year!

You can get the Loftek 50W RGB LED Floodlight from Amazon for $67.

Note: Loftek sent me a review sample; opinions are my own.

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